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Tai Chi is not just a series of postures or poses. Each movement has a specific purpose both physically and energetically. The art of Tai Chi is based on the theory of Yin and Yang and utilizes the Acupuncture meridians. The form helps us to develop a balanced flow of energy by learning how to move our “Qi” of life force. It is equivalent to giving yourself your own personal Acupuncture treatment, without the needles.

Too often we think of perfecting the form of Tai Chi when in reality there is no perfection, only the path. Instead of focusing on how deeply we can sit in our horse or how high we can kick, I prefer to teach “Active Relaxation” which includes noting tension or gripping, keeping our muscles relaxed, keeping the spine open to allow for energy flow and working within our own personal limits to sustain the form.

Mindfulness in Tai Chi is about staying with yourself. You can do 1000 movements poorly or 1 movement well…..your choice!!!