Hua Shan Daoist Qigong

Hua Shan Taoist Qigong Training

This style of Qigong is rare. It is a well organized system of comprised of 3 sections of 36 exercises for a total of 108. The 1st section is to train the body, the 2nd section is to train the mind and the 3rd section is for spirit. Hua Shan Daoist Qigong is a powerful practice that is used for health, meditation and breath work. In my lineage this form is taught privately rather than in group classes because there is great importance in the teacher student relationship.

Any serious martial artist would benefit greatly from practicing this form. Alternatively, you do not have to be a martial artist to learn and benefit from this work. I have witnessed remarkable transformations of serious and chronic health issues by students who are committed to the practice.

Please contact me directly if you are interesting in studying with me. (510) 685.0290


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