18 Buddha Hands

18 Buddha Hands Qigong/Buddhist Yoga

Qigong is the study of breath, intention and awareness. It increases vitality, strength, flexibility and yields an abundance of lasting benefits. Breath work helps us to increase oxygenation in our bodies which improves overall health and brain function.  Intention is the alignment of our energy, our minds and our movement. Awareness is the focused attention that allows us to put it all together. I always say that Qigong puts the “magic” in Tai Chi.

18 Buddha Hands is a sequence of dynamic and static postures that has 18 sections; each section is comprised of one to three exercises. Each exercise is repeated 8 times and each section ends with a standing meditation. This style of Qigong is said to have been developed by the Bodhidharma in the 6th century AD. When the Bodhidharma traveled to China and arrived at the Shaolin Temple he found the monks were in such a physically weakened condition that their spiritual practices were suffering. He purportedly secluded himself in a cave for 9 years and created three sets of Qigong exercises in order to increase the health and vitality of the monks.  This system, 18 Buddha Hands, is one of those sets.

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