Embracing Recovery

Recovering and discovering your healthy self can be a joyful process. For some people resistance to “exercise” can get in the way of recovery. There is a difference between the idea of exercise and the experience of moving in a connected way, like a panther, sleek and poised and ready for action. I can help you reframe your exercises from drudgery to time spent caring for yourself, like spending an hour getting a massage.

For others who love to move, the limitations of injury can be frustrating and discouraging. It can be difficult to recognize incremental progress when healing from an injury. By learning how to work in a more subtle way there is a growing satisfaction as your somatic awareness increases.

A key benefit of reframing and deepening your practice is to incorporate mindful movement into your daily life even after you have recovered. The goal isn’t just to get better but to stay better, laying the groundwork for health and vitality as you age. Even after you have recovered you will be living and moving in a new way.

While Tai Chi and Qigong classes are helpful to learn and reinforce new ways of moving, private sessions allow me to individualize and tailor a program specially addressing your personal challenges and needs. Often people who are injured or recovering from illness are not ready to participate in classes. Our work together will integrate my expertise in Somatic practices, Acupressure and Health Exercises based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our partnership focuses on building a platform that you will use for the rest of your life.

Please contact me for more information regarding private sessions.



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