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Chronic pain can be transformed. I know firsthand, having recovered from significant illness and injury. Chronic pain can be all consuming, taking up our attention, energy and emotional well being and leaving little left over for participating in life.  Happily, there are practices you can learn that give you ways to cope as well as heal.

I have developed a unique approach to transforming chronic pain through my studies of multiple somatic disciplines, including Chinese Medicine, Acupressure and various forms of Massage and Bodywork.  It is important that I be mindful when working with clients but it is equally important for the client to be mindful and present both during treatment and in their daily lives as they heal.

In addition to offering classes, I love to work with people individually and in small groups to unravel the layers that create chronic pain and somatic dysfunction. Our work together is not limited to me working “on you” but also includes building a “toolbox” of exercises and techniques that you can use to help yourself anytime, anywhere.

The distinction I would like to make about exercising in this way is that you will work from the inside out…that is, you are not merely exercising big muscles but putting your full attention into what you are doing.  In this way you gradually build capacity regardless of the limitations of your starting point.

Healing is not a quick fix but a process that is incorporated into your daily life. Even after you are “better” you will be living and moving in a new way. Recovering and discovering your healthy self can be a joyful process.

Please contact me to explore the possibility of working together.  You can call me at (510) 842.6140 or email me at

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