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For those of us lucky enough to live in temperate climates we have many opportunities in which to go outside, practice Taiji and take in the nature around us, but what do we do in the winter months when it may be rainy, cold, windy, damp or snowy? These types of days can be challenging for a Taiji practitioner and can deter many from maintaining daily practice time if they do not attend a class regularly or have access to a large enough indoor space in which to move.

There are many ways in which we can do Taiji within the confines of a small space.

Take one movement from your Taiji form and dissect it concentrating on the intricacies of each movement and your breath. Practice the movement many times. If it is a movement that is not done on both the right and left side, then learn the movement on the opposite side.

If you have a hallway or a long kitchen, you can practice Taiji walking or Wave Hands Like Clouds. Your focus could be on body alignment, coordinating your breath, thinking about usage, shifting of internal energy or fullness and emptiness in your movements.

These are a couple of ideas to help us maintain our practice during the cold, rainy winter months.