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Breathing your Way to Vitality

Inhale……Exhale……Now What?  Our lives begin and end with a breath – but what about all the breaths in between?  How can we use breathing to make dramatic changes to our health and vitality? How can such a simple act as breathing bring profound and lasting health benefits?  Breathing is the most automatic thing we do

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Tai Chi: The Subtle Art of Movement

The Chinese ancient arts of Internal Health include Tai Chi and Qigong as multi-dimensional practices developing both physical and emotional well being. This is supported by recent medical research which has shown that Tai Chi and Qigong are powerful tools for Mind-Body fitness. Recently I had a conversation with a Zumba instructor who was new


What is the connection of Tai Chi and Mindfulness?

Tai Chi is not just a series of postures or poses. Each movement has a specific purpose both physically and energetically. The art of Tai Chi is based on the theory of Yin and Yang and utilizes the Acupuncture meridians. The form helps us to develop a balanced flow of energy by learning how to

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Practicing Taiji in a Limited Space

For those of us lucky enough to live in temperate climates we have many opportunities in which to go outside, practice Taiji and take in the nature around us, but what do we do in the winter months when it may be rainy, cold, windy, damp or snowy? These types of days can be challenging (1)

Principles of Taijiquan: stillness and movement, Yin and Yang

The basis of Tai Chi lies in the transformations of Tai Chi: the duality of movement and stillness, Yin and Yang, opening and closing. Fundamentally, as students of Tai Chi, we seek stillness in movement and movement in stillness. Because movement and stillness tap into the relationship between emptiness and fullness, we see Yin and

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