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NEW 18 Buddha Hands Qigong Class (Buddhist Yoga)

Qigong is a way of being. Being soft, yet strong. Qigong is a way of breathing. Breathing deeply, yet calmly. Qigong is a way of standing. Alert, yet relaxed. ~Nigel Mills I am excited to be sharing this beautiful Qigong form. When practicing Qiqong many people feel an overwhelming sense of well-being and balance in mind and

Breathing your Way to Vitality

Inhale……Exhale……Now What?  Our lives begin and end with a breath – but what about all the breaths in between?  How can we use breathing to make dramatic changes to our health and vitality? How can such a simple act as breathing bring profound and lasting health benefits?  Breathing is the most automatic thing we do

The Magic of Qigong

Recently in class, I asked my students to stand, breathe and notice if they felt tension anywhere. Some students responded that they were relaxed and calm, although I could clearly see the tension in their necks and shoulder. I went up to each of them individually and gently placed my hands on the top of

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