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Inhale……Exhale……Now What? 

Our lives begin and end with a breath – but what about all the breaths in between?  How can we use breathing to make dramatic changes to our health and vitality? How can such a simple act as breathing bring profound and lasting health benefits?  Breathing is the most automatic thing we do but it is one of our most overlooked resources.

I have been studying “Qigong” for a long time and I am continually amazed by the insights and benefits I get from regular practice . This type of breath work is about cultivating vitality and energy. It differs from our normal day to day breathing,  as we put use our intention and attention to coordinating our breath and movement with our minds. It is truly amazing how in a just few moments of breathing with intention can change your entire mood, experience and vitality.

Often, when we exercise, wherever that may be, our interior landscape is often ignored. Qigong enables us to develop an awareness of our inner selves: bodies and minds.  In Qigong and Chinese health exercises the goal is to be relaxed and active at the same time. This sounds like an oxymoron but it is attainable with practice.

Qigong practice can promote healing and all kinds of wonderful health benefits: We become more fully oxygenated which helps our brains as well as bodies, our internal organs get massaged, we release stress and tension and quiet our minds. One of the many great things about Qigong is that you can do it anywhere, at any time and you do not need any special equipment, just your body and mind.

Often students ask the “Why” question: “Why does Qigong work?” My honest answer is that I cannot tell you “why” it works!! My direct experience, through my own practice and by watching the transformation in my students, is that Qigong is AMAZING. The better I feel the more I want to practice and the more I practice the better I feel. All I can say is “Qigong rocks”!!!!