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Welcome to Infinite Qi

Infinite Qi promotes healthy living from the inside out through practices that are fun and renewing. Whether you are already healthy and want to learn how to further access your innate energy or are looking for a way to recover from illness or injury, Infinite Qi offers a path which encourages you to transform limitations.

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I offer classes in Tai Chi and Daoist Qigong, incorporating a practice of “Slow Movement” with an awareness of moving from the inside out. The classes will benefit anybody, at all levels of experience. While you are welcome to drop in, you will benefit from attending weekly, as the classes build upon one another.

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Body Medicine

Chronic pain can be transformed. I know firsthand, having recovered from significant illness and injury. Chronic pain can be all consuming, taking up our attention, energy and emotional well being and leaving little left over for participating in life. Happily, there are practices you can learn that give you ways to cope as well as heal.

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Upcoming Event

Please view the calendar to see upcoming classes and workshops. In addition to regular weekly classes, I love to work with people to unravel the layers that create chronic pain and stress and build a “toolbox” of exercises that you can use anytime, anywhere. I’m happy to announce my upcoming Autumn Tai Chi Retreat.

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